I had to miss much of Summer Komikon‘s program this year; duty calls, whether it’s business or My Other Passion. In consequence, I could only bring home a handful of merch from the convention. It’s worth the visit, nevertheless, especially upon my first reading of Mervin Malonzo’s “Tabi Po” (there was a Seattle’s Best Coffee nearby). [Read More...]

Summer Komikon ’14 Report

Enlighten your Life: Embracing Success and Happiness

Enlighten your Life: Embracing Success and Happiness

One thing we don’t accept enough is our true intelligence.

Too often, we deprive ourselves the growth we deserve, by limiting ourselves to the illusion that we’re just not enough. That we’re never meant to be enough. Filter a pool of a hundred people and typically only one will claim—head-high, and grinning—that he truly, sincerely and honestly knows his true value. [Read More...]